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Politics and Government

I like to keep up to date with political machinations around the world. Whether it be finding out about the peace process in Northern Ireland, understanding the complexities of administrative reform in Japan , the latest EU Commission reports, or what the Clinton administration's line is on a certain issue, the following list of sites let me find out what I need to know.


Directory of Irish Politics related sites

PBS documentary about Sinn Fein and the IRA

Irish Internet Hub

Learn Gaelic Online

Irish Times Special on the Peace Process



Guide to Politics in Japan

Up to the minute political and business news from Nikkei Net

Economic Reports from The Industrial Bank of Japan

Daily Yomiuri

Japanese-English dictionary

Internet Japan

Japan Information Access Project

"Big Bang" financial deregulation in Japan

Japan Echo Journal

Stanford University US-Japan Centre

Canada-Japan Internet Project

Japan World Cup 2002


South Korea

Korea Herald Newspaper

Korea Economic Trends

Chong Wa Dae (The President's Office)

Harvard University Korean Studies page

Korea World Cup 2002

Korea Web Weekly

Learn Korean

Korea Weekly Update

Kwangju, May 18, 1980


North Korea

Korean Central News Agency

North Korea at 50 - BBC Special

North Korea


Government of Canada online

Historic moments in Canadian politics

Canadian politics directory

Women in Canadian politics

Canadian Foreign Policy Journal

Strategis - Canada's business information centre

Globe and Mail's National Issues Forum

This Magazine



The White House

Guide to US Treasury

Politics and Technology

US Senate

US Department of Justice



Official EU web site - Europa.

European Central Bank

Western European Union

History of European Integration

INSEAD Euro-Asia Centre



Links to 1,000 Web Sites on China

The China WWW Virtual Library

Cool China

Unclassified reports of the US Embassy

Beijing University - China's only officially endorsed e-commerce portal

FORTUNE Global Forum - Shanghai, September 1999

Study in China

South China Morning Post

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