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Niall O'Keeffe

Place of Birth: London
Date of Birth: 28 September, 1971
Permanent Address:
717 Shaw Street
Ontario M6G 3L8

Home Tel: 1 416 516 7328


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Nihon Keizai Shimbun. Tokyo, Japan. 4/1998 - 11/99
Position: Electronic Media Business Development - Assistant Manager

Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Nikkei) is Japan's equivalent of The Wall Street Journal and has a daily circulation of three million. Nikkei Net Interactive, is the online English language news service from Nikkei, and went to a subscription based model in March 1999.
In summary, my duties encompassed the following:
Liasing with both the design and programming team in the planning and development of the site, setting up IP address authentication for clients who required access to NNI for a large number of their employees and managing the contracts of all group subscriptions.
I also designed and wrote copy for many sections on the site including technical support and site overview and used the feedback from subscribers e-mails and telephone calls to improve the site and implement marketing and development intiatives.

Reference available upon request

ICM. Tokyo, Japan. 1/97 - 3/98
Position: Conference Producer

The International Communications for Management Group has sixteen offices around the world. I researched and produced business conferences for the Tokyo market.
Topics included electronic commerce, telecommunications deregulation, Big Bang, and Y2K.
Responsibilities involved researching suitable topics, identifying key issues, and writing the conference agenda.

Reference available upon request

Ministry of Education, South Korea. 8/95 - 8/96

Held workshops for 55 Korean teachers of English.
Suggested methods to improve the standard of English teaching in elementary, middle, and high schools in South Korea.
Edited and proof read translations from Korean into English.

Reference available upon request

Ernst & Young Accountancy Firm. Dublin, Ireland. 5/94 - 9/94
Tax Intern (Summer Job)

Duties included assisting the compilation of year-end tax computations at the Dublin office of Ernst & Young.

Reference available upon request


Temple University Japan Tokyo, Japan
Continuing Education course in Web Page Design, 1/97 6/97

University of Limerick Limerick, Ireland
Graduate Diploma, Japanese Studies, 9/94 - 7/95.

Trinity College Dublin Ireland
BA, Economics and Political Science Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, 9/89 -11/93


HTML, Javascript,Adobe Photoshop 5.5, BBEdit, Fetch, MS Office 2000. I am currently learning Perl 5.

Check out a A Zen Buddhist food Web site I designed.


English (Native language), Irish (High), French (Intermediate), Japanese (Intermediate), Korean (Beginner)


I enjoy writing about technology. Articles I have written include

A piece on e-commerce in Japan

A piece on pricing online media access

A piece on a Canadian company entering the Japanese market

In brief, my other interests are current affairs, Gaelic football, taekwondo, film, and theatre. Click here for the Web site I designed for the soccer team I played for in Tokyo.

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