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SPORT Monday, January 18, 1999

Photographs: Allsport.

Celts Go Out Of ITJ Cup
by Dash Whiprock

A good squad turned out for this ITJ cup match, considering it was our first match of the new year. A few people missing because of skiing, and origami classes, (including Brian Phelan, although he was there dressed in the gear, but he was very tired, I think!!)
A pulsating encounter which did nothing for the salty blood pressure of the 12 or so on lookers.. End to end football, culminating in an undeserving result.
Starting at the very back, there was some exceptional ball handling from Dave Barry, and one could say a faultless display. Oh yeah, except for those four goals that he let in. But to be fair one of them was a penalty. Oh but wait. Didn't he give it away!!
The referee earned himself a few free drinks from the Tokyo Irish denying at least one penalty decision for the 'Celts. His deft reading of the hand signals from the linesmen became a ongoing joke.....
Cumiskey was as pliant as ever, plugging away, and never relenting. He can always distribute the ball well, and might serve the team better out on the flank, allowing the Celts to use the width of the park more.
The first fifteen minutes were pretty even and an opportunist goal from the Tokyo Irish, allowed them to take the lead, with Barry well and truly beaten. Slack passing allowed us to lose possession, catching the defence out when we were moving the ball forward.
Not letting the heads go down, the Celts were quickly back in it with opportunites from Burke, and O'Keeffe, but these were wasted by not being on target and hence not testing the goalkeeper. Burke prefering to fall to the ground, in search of a penalty, after his legs taken out of him from Terry "Butcher". The ref it appears preferred scratching his bo***x, than blowing his whistle.But these things happen when you are a mass murderer, and head of the Gestapo.
Ten minutes before half time, the Celts drew level.The ball came from a corner, (I think!), and was cleared by the Tokyo Irish but only into the path of Mehigan or Dermody, (can't remember), before being played back into the box, where Burke managed to shrug of his six or seven markers, before laying the ball skillfully in the path of O'Keeffe. His first shot was parried, but not giving up O'Keeffe was able to stab the ball past the goalkeeper. 1-1
Half time finished like this, with Podge coming on just before the whistle, as O'Keeffe went off for some reason. Initially he was seen standing beside the tree where it looked like he was relieving himself.
The second half started at a good pace with end to end football. Chances came both ways, with Barry spreading himself well to deny the Tokyo Irish a goal. The best chance fell to Burke though and after a bit of clumsy Under 10's style football in the box, managed to get the his left foot to the ball but again placed it wide of the post.
This of course would have put us in to the lead, and may have hanged the outlook of the result, but the ginger pubed twat missed - didn't he...
But soon after Barry decides to throw in a jumping back reverse turning kick at one of the Tokyo Irish players, inside his box, and the resulting penalty was neatly put away by McGit.
The Celts kept their heads up and within a few minutes were back in the game with a cross from O'Keefe, into the path of the ever reliant Dermody, and with the simpliest of tap in's, (although he nearly broke the net), put the score level.
It was at this stage that the Celts appeared to deflate, and within a minute the ball was past Barry and in the back of the net. This had a devestating effect on the Celts, and after that there was no coming back. A final goal in the last ten minutes extended the Tokyo Irish lead and it finished 4-2.
Overall the Celts had a lot of possession but we were unable to capitalise on any of this possession to score goals. Only one off side in the game and this came from Dolan, who knew the minute he kicked the ball it was to be an off-side decision.
Always room for improvement, the next game sees the Celts play a friendly against a Japanese team.... Tora, Tora, Tora.....
(Joe Burke)
Team: Dave Barry, Brendan Mullane, Peter Ryan,Mick Mehigan,Eric Persson, Kevin Cumiskey, George Wallace, John Dermody (C), Eugene Beattie, Niall O'Keeffe,Joe Burke
Subs: Brian Dolan, Padraig McColgain, Colm De Barra
Scorers: Niall O'Keeffe, John Dermody
Tokyo Irish: Git, GIt, Git, GIt, MacGit, O'Git, Git, Git, Y.C Git, Git, Git
Subs: More Gits...
Ref: Heinrich Himmler

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